Newly-engaged Mother-in-law actress Ida Wanyoike has responded to news of her pregnancy hitting the blogs.

The gorgeous actress disclosed that she was surprised when people started calling her and congratulating her on her miracle.

“People are calling me and telling me congratulations on the baby and I am like what baby!? I’m a baby! What baby are you talking about? I don’t even have a dog, let me live my life dammit! I was so mad, I’m done getting mad, I’m just laughing now. People don’t speculate, ask me, I promise to give you all the information you need,” Ida disclosed on her Instagram.

She then added that her recent weight gain could be the reason people think she is pregnant. “I’m just fat, I’m just fat I see where your confusion is coming in. I’m just a little bit fat. But let me live my life.” She added.

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