I almost got killed – Inooro TV journalist narrates near death experience after quitting job as police officer

Petrol station attendants saved me!

I almost got killed – Inooro TV journalist Frederick Muitiriri narrates near death experience after quitting job as police officer

Inooro TV reporter Frederick Muitiriri has for the first time disclosed details of a near death experience he underwent, shortly after he quit his job as a Police Constable.

In a throwback post he shared on Facebook, Muitiriri said that after quitting the police force, he still had the police characteristics in him and he boarded a matatu late in the night on his way from Meru.

In Kenya, matatu’s are known to carry more than the recommended number of passengers and they sometimes force people to squeeze and sit in 4s just to get that extra money, but he (Muitiriri) refused to allow a fourth person to board.

This got the crew that operated the matatu furious and when they got to a nearby roadblock, he insisted on talking to the police, but the driver refused to stop even after he had been asked to stop by the officers.

According to the journalist, they ended up driving into a remote area as the police came after the matatu because the driver refused to stop. After sometime, they got to Mwea where the driver made a stop at a petrol station.

This time, everyone was angry and furious because of what had happened; including fellow passengers who were aboard the vehicle, he was then forced out of the vehicle and beaten by them, and was left there after station attendants came to his rescue.

Here is his post;

When i left the police force in 2007/08, I was still having a lot of upolisi in me😂😂😂

One time I was coming from Meru in this Matatu.. Kawaida watu ni wanne wanne... Mimi na upolisi wangu nikakataa mtu wa nne yeyote kuingia... it was late in the night, the passengers plus konkodi and the driver were furious with me...mimi na kichwa changu kingumu, we got to a police road block and I told the driver to stop niongee na polisi..😂😂😂 Jamaa akasimamishwa akakataa... We ended up driving into some remote area coz the cops were after that vehicle... Eventually tulifika Mwea... Wakasimamisha kwa petrol station, by this time everyone is breathing fire, I was almost lynched 🙆🏿‍♂️🙆🏿‍♂️... I was bungled out of the mat, beaten up and left at the petrol station.. In fact I was saved by petrol station attendants...😂😂 I never tried that again.. 😂😂Well, until yesterday.

So we are headed home with my wife, upon passing Kangemi, there was some traffic snarl up..tumekula story ajabu..it was a bit dark..and all of a sudden I heard PAA! Her phone had been snatched!!!!

My friend, hehe I didn't move an inch😂😂😂in my heart I was like, mimi nikimbishe mutu aingie chochoro nipigwe kisu... Siwes 😂😂😂 That's when it hit me, upolisi uliisha... 😂


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