I was bullied because I have pointed nose – Inooro TV news anchor reveals

She reveals!

(Muthoni Mukiri) I was bullied because I have a pointed nose – Inooro TV news anchor reveals

Inooro TV News anchor Muthoni wa Mukiri has for the first time disclosed that she was bullied in high school, because she had a pointed nose.

In a comment while responding to a question by singer Kambua, if any of her followers were bullied in school, Muthoni said that the bullying made her hate her nose until she cleared high school. She went on to say that it was when she realized that her nose was beautiful and she started loving it.

@kambuamuziki I was bullied coz I have a pointed nose. Imagine! I hated my nose until after Highschool when I realized it’s beautiful and I came to love it. I think it’s the most beautiful feature on my face,” she wrote.

In her post, Kambua expressed disappointment following reports that a high school student from Nairobi school was nursing a brain injury, after he was punished by prefects in the institution.

Kambua further stated that bullying should have no place in schools.

My heart broke when I heard the news about the boy from Nairobi School nursing a brain injury. But his is just one of many horror stories we keep hearing of. Bullying should have no place in our schools. I'm curious to know- were any of you bullied in school? How did it affect you at the time, and in the long run? #letstalk. Also, parents- have your children ever told you that they were being bullied at school? How did you handle it? #letstalk,”asked Kambua.

Bullied student to undergo surgery

The fifteen-year old Form 2 student at Nairobi School is scheduled to undergo a brain surgery after sustaining serious injuries from the suspected assault.

The student’s mother was called last week and told that her son was sick, only to later learn that he had sustained brain injuries after being beaten up by prefects at Nairobi School.

The incident has yet again laid bare the dangers of bullying and corporal punishment that continues unabetted in various primary and secondary schools despite a ban by the Ministry of Education.


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