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Inooro TV presenter Ken Wakuraya gives update after arrest while performing on stage

The TV presenter who doubles up as a Mugithi artiste was arrested on stage while entertaining revelers at a club in Kasarani

Ken Wakuraya

Inooro TV presenter Ken Wakuraya took to social media in an angry rant after he was arrested on Saturday evening while performing on stage.

The journalist was arrested while performing at a popular club in Kasarani, Nairobi.

He revealed that he was arrested alongside others for failing Sh20,000 without revealing what the money was for.

The former Tahidi High actor added that he was not sure where they were being taken after their arrest.


"What kind of Kenya is this? Is there a curfew? Why arrest artists? I've been arrested, now I'm in a police car because I can't pay 20k. I don't know where we're going," Ken wrote shortly after the arrest.

In subsequent posts, the Mugithi singer shared videos documenting his tribulations alongside others as they were ferried away in a police car.

The journalist who doubles up as a Mugithi artiste wondered loudly why he was being arrested yet he had not broken any law or stolen from anyone.

He showed his hands in handcuffs, stating that he was performing at a club when the officers pounced on him.

"These are my hands. They caught me and put handcuffs on me. I am an artist. Who did I steal from? I was performing and I was live. The government knows I was performing. Where did I steal from?" Kuraya complained.


Several voices could be heard grumbling and complaining as they sought to know their offence and where they were being taken to.

Some also accused the police officers of stealing their personal belongings.

Freedom at last

Others could be heard complaining that the handcuffs used during their arrest was tearing their flesh and requesting to be set free.


A voice could be heard saying: "It's cutting my hands, open them, open them, I'm going to die."

Minutes before his arrest, the journalist spent part of the evening sharing videos online as he entertained revellers before his good time came to an abrupt end with the arrest.

He was eventually released and provided an update on social media writing:

"Thanks good people for your concerns over our arrest yesterday it was soo unfortunate that a band that is working hard to make ends meet can spend a night n half day in police cells while crooks and all manner of criminals are walking free .


#Artisnotacrime next tupatane @Lacascada Ruaka".


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