Is your child a job? - angry Annitah Raey lectures women demanding child support

Why do kids have rich cravings to be honest?- Annitah

Annitah Raey with Willis Raburu. Is your child a job? - angry Annitah Raeylectures women demanding child support

Hot 96 Radio Presenter Annitah Raey is out here lecturing women who have converted men (baby daddies) into money milking machines in the name of child support.

An angry Ms Raey stated that she is sick and tired of women who trap men with pregnancy and keep on demanding huge sums of money from them as child upkeep.

She went on to say that if a woman sleeps with a man without protection, she should always be prepared for the outcome, as not all men will be ready to take responsibility of their actions.

Child support

“I saw that story about upkeep and I was like, is your child a job. I’m a single mum of two and I talk about it a lot. I don’t want money from my baby daddy number two, I just want them to be there for the child. I’m gonna be blunt as possible when you go sleep with a man and don’t use protection, P2 or family planning, hii si maji ya waru alimwaga ndani yako, that sperm that can inaweza pata mtoi, so as long as ulipanua miguu yako ukakubali akumwagie sperm zake, chances of being pregnant ate 102%. You knew that was coming so how are you planning to raise that kid coz I hope you are not depending on that man. And I tell women don’t tell me you were dating, this is a man. This people will never be ready for kids if he is not married to you,” said Annitah Raey.

The mother of two added that nowadays women take advantage of men, wondering why kids always have rich cravings when it comes to child support.

Money making machine

“So you are there you panua your legs, mtu anamwaga unashika mimba and now you actually want to use that pregnancy to make money. 40k out of a man for a sperm, aii nirudishie sperm yangu, if I was a man give me back my sperm. Why are women like that, you go get a kid with someone and act like that is a milking machine, ooh mtoto anataka, why do kids have rich cravings to be honest. I don’t like it when women say wanaume wanapanda mebegu kila mahali, wanapanda kwa watu wanapanua miguu. Mtu alipanua miguu, be ready to take care of your kid, and don’t be asking a man for shit, he a man says he won’t raise the kid, utamwanika and he wont raise that kid, so women the moment mtu anamwaga ndani anza kusave pesa ya pampers immediately and if you want to avoid that use a condom. Don’t be out here thinking men are milking machines, making men look bad for you wanting raw sex, na kuanika mwanaume! Who looks stupid, here he cum inside you,” posed Annitah Raey.

Naisenya Vs Ndavi

Annitah Raey’s statement comes hours after lady identified as Naisenya Kimani took to social media to demand child support money from NRG Radio commercial director Denis Ndavi (Baby daddy). In a number of court orders Naisenya said, Ndavi owes her over Sh800,000 in child support.


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