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List of Celebrities who have come to the rescue of Kambua after being roasted over Jeff Kuria

Don't be so Judgemental!

For the past few days Kambua has been under fire, over an act that happened during the Vuuka Mwaka Party put together by Royal Media services in Nakuru on the New Year’s Eve.

Celebs have been sharing their solidarity Message's  under the Hashtag , appealing to the public to stop being judgmental.

Here is the list of the Celebrities with what they have said about Kambua


Robert Burale (Pastor)

‘A kind soul this woman of God is ...So for people to just attack her without full story is sad ...Stand firm lady ...God knows your heart I also stand with Jeff who is a great personal friend of mine and have personally talked to him and has told me he has forgiven as God would have him do...Great Man JEFF # #”

Danco (Gospel ARTIST)

"You ever had those friends that stick with you through thick and thin.. Those friends that see a grand version of you even when you can't see past your nose..  Is that friend that I would go out if my way to be there when she needs me.#istandwithkambua

Majic Mike (Gospel ARTIST)


would say such nasty things about you K.. They don't know you but we do, and we love the person you are "

Hop Kid (Gospel ARTIST)

“I will back you up even if you start a fight, coz you are my true friend, through thick and thin .... ”

Holy Dave (Citizen TV Presenter)

“We grew up together (Parklands Baptist), joined the Gospel Music Industry together and now we're hosting Bambika together.  Your passion and love for uplifting others will go down in history books! Today I appreciate you. Keep shinning K. Much love”


Fridah Mwaka (Kubamba Radio Host)

“Sometimes we need people to simply be there. but just to let us feel that we are cared for and supported. You are one special person in my life and for this reason:”

Wambui Mukenyi (Fashionista)

“She is a beautiful soul who I would Proudly say has taught me a few things in the time I have known her Glad you made ammends with your colleague Jeff. Loads of love.WM”

Timeless Noel


"Surround yourself with people giving you positive energy. Life and death is in the Power of the tongue.  Happy 2018 Kambua, God bless you. Today I celebrate an amazing woman of God. Kambua is the type of lady who encourages everyone to be all that they can be, and she always says "There is enough sunshine for everyone, no need for competition." I have truly learnt a lot from that statement. Most people don't know that she is a great person on screen, and off screen too.  thank you for being a blessing in my life."

Grace Ekirapa (Crossover 101 Host NTV)

"You are a great woman  your resilience is remarkable and your passion to see the best in people is one to admire. This too shall pass honey. Greater is He that is in you. I send hugs and love your way"

Enid Moraa  (Rauka Host)

"KAMBUA So much has been said in the last few days about you but we know you, we know your heart, and so we stand by you. That you apologised even when you were not on the wrong is testament to the phenomenal woman you are. We love you K.  "


KAmbua has been accused of grabbing a mic from his colleague Jeff Kuria and not giving him an equal chance to address the crowd while hosting the End year Party.


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