It’s sweet - Diamond gushes about Tanasha’s s3x skills

Too much information?

Boo'd up:  Diamond and Tanasha (Instagram)

Most media-savvy celebrities are a guarded lot and rarely share too much information about their private lives.

Others like Diamond however, seem to bask in the attention and the frenzy that comes with divulging hot and personal information. This is because in today’s world, controversy converts into cash.

Diamond recently whipped up another frenzy on social media after divulging yet another intimate detail about his sex life with Tanasha.

The couple that has since become bolder with their bedroom revelations as days go by recently made headlines again after Tanasha admitted that Diamond likes her squishy boobs.

A month before in a press conference Diamond had praised Tanasha’s bedroom skills. Information which the public and the media has lapped up and run with it. The reception of this information seems to have encouraged the couple’s oversharing as Diamond recently praised Tanasha’s sex skills on Instagram.

“Eisssssssssh babe why you so fly now,” Tanasha commented on a photo of Diamond seductively biting his lips.

And Diamond cheekily responded with “LOL, you know the secret baby…that sweet sweet.”

Information that excited their fans.

Tanasha’s bedroom skills

When Diamond was in the country for his Wasafi Festival concerts he praised Tanasha’s youthful looks and bedroom skills during a press conference in Nairobi.

This is after he was asked what about Tanasha makes her stand out from his exes, Diamond said “Tanasha is good, she is Kenyan, she is beautiful and she understands my needs in the bedroom. There is something about her.”


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