Itumbi’s attack on Matiang’i and celebration of Maina Kamanda’s humiliation backfires badly

No mercy for Itumbi as netizens give him no space to hide

Dennis Itumbi

Dennis Itumbi found himself on the receiving end after his attack on Interior CS Fred Matiangi and his apparent celebrations at the humiliation of Maina Kamanda in Kririnyaga backfired.

Itumbi who took to Twitter to share the humiliation in apparent celebration and attacking CS Matiangi came face to face with the wrath of netizens who were clearly not amused with what transpired in Kirinyaga.

In reference to a recent incident where a helicopter carrying CS Fred Matiangi could not land in West Pokot due to bad weather, Itumbi alleged that the weather only favours the CS when going for political mobilization, but not when disaster strikes.

“Harambee House self-appointed prefects flew some people to Kirinyaga - Perfect weather! Lakini to West Pokot - the weather is still too dangerous to date! Remember that disaster response, not divisive political mobilization,is the job description !”Wrote Itumbi.

Comments streamed in with Netizens accusing Itumbi of malice, bitternes and having personal issues with the CS. Some also ropped in his personal life and struggles.

@munda_phil accused Itumbi of bitterness writing: “Why are you so bitter?..ruto already went to West pokot I thought that meant the govt had gone..kama uko na personal issues with matiangi and kibicho please deal with it at a personal level“

Muraya Morgan took issues with Itumbi for invoking the name of God even after he allegedly denied his own child only to be compelled by the courts after DNA results confirmed that he is the father.

“Mungu Mbele and you had denied your Child, until the court had to intervene? Wacha Ukorofi!!” wrote Morgan.

“Its end mnth, remember to send the upkeep!!” added Domnick Simako.

“Kwanza akae na mtoto wake, hii upuzi ya kukataa mtoto na alien joy awache. Juzi alikuwa anaitisha playbill eti a support an ailing former official yet he could not help his own child.” Quipped yule mmoja tu.

Itumbi who took to Twitter in apparent celebration to share the humiliation of Maina Kamanda who was heckled in Kirinyaga also came face to face with the wrath of netizens who were clearly not amused wih what transpired in Kirinyaga.

One Prince Denno opined that Kamanda was heckled by hired goons, ropping in Itumbi’s private life and seeking a clarification on recent DNA results.

@Thomska82 sought to calm Itumbi by reminding him of his tribulations at the launch of the BBI report where he was ejected from the VIP tent despite being a senior government employee.

“This is the reason why u were lifted up with only ur toes touching the ground out of Presidential dias by Presidential guards. You can't be trusted.” Wrote Thomas.

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