Vera Sidika speaks on abandoning Zari after Ivan's death

They enjoyed good times together during Zari's All White party but she wasn't at Ivan Ssemwanga's burial...

A few days after Diamond was slammed for performing at Koroga instead of going to support Zari, Vera Sidika has been getting dragged left right and center for being a 'fair weather friend' .This is because she missed Ivan’s funeral and triggered folks slid into her DMs to abuse her for abandoning her friend in her time of need.

But she has had enough and spoke about the harassment she has been undergoing in a series of Instagram stories. Here is part of what she posted after accusations of her being wicked started flying around:

"Just coz I’m not in pictures with Zari at the funeral service and all doesn’t mean I am not in communication with her. Only God knows how deeply concerned I have been the entire time ever since the late Ivan was admitted until the point he met his death.

I have made an effort to reach out to my friend Zari since, no luck, I tried through her close friends, but no luck either. Kindly guys stop accusing me of being a bad friend." She wrote.

She then went on to add "I shouldn't  discussing this but I just had to. Received so many DMs on IG and Snapchat on this matter. Stop calling me names. God knows I tried I am not wicked. Might not be there physically but I’m there emotionally.

They won’t attack Diamond who was performing shows in Kenya and other close friends but Vera Sidika is their problem, Continue.

Y’all can’t figure out what to abuse and attack me for Abi? Cause Veetox is doing so well. So the smallest thing y’all wanna jump and bring out your frustrations continue and come show off y’all back accounts once done yapping."


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