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Zari Hassan reveals unknown details about the wealth Ivan left her (Photos)

Diamond's wife has gone into details about what her ex gave her.

Zari who is usually a strong woman seems to quake under the pressure as she fired back to those who tell her of Diamond’s 'wandering crotch'. She revealed that she is not worried about Diamond because her late ex sorted her for life.

Throwing the wealth her late ex Ivan left her in her critic's faces, Zari said that she doesn’t fight for d**k she fights for money. Before going on to add that unlike most socialites she doesn’t sleep around to get business class tickets because Ivan left her so much wealth she can afford to fly business class anytime.

In addition, she revealed some unknown details about the inheritance Ivan left behind. We all knew that Ivan left her a lot of money and property but she has gone into specifics to reveal that she is not worried about her sons’ future as thanks to Ivan sorting them out, her eldest Pinto will be a millionaire once he clocks 18.


“ Heading to my bed now. I don’t get bedded for business class tickets. Ivan built a legacy for me that I can afford that any day anytime. They (her sons) have so much money when each turns 18.But mama needs to do her part. Pinto will be a millionaire in 4 years. Yes, Don. Thanks for having our backs.”  She wrote.

The recent declarations have been seen as a jab at Diamond too as Zari has brought up her ex’s name severally.

“Oh, you DMing me to tell me how he cheated? So many d**ks like so many p**y in the market. Like y do people thinks it’s all about fighting for d**k. Honey, I’ll fight for one million, not d**k. Closed a deal worth a lot of dollars this week. ”  Zari revealed.

Check out her Snapchat messages below:

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