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Kambua reveals how husband deals with tough critics on social media

Some people have said that Kambua’s hubby is ‘too old’ for the singer.

You have people who adore you, money in your pocket, you are invited to the hottest parties, you enjoy special treatment and freebies.

But just like a double-edged sword, fame cuts both ways. With the money and fame comes the downside of criticism especially from trolls who consider celebrities ‘fair game’.

And for Kambua people have really been all up in her business to a point where they feel that it’s okay to ask her why she hasn’t given birth in 6 years of marriage or why she married an older man.


While most celebrities are used to this, their spouses are often not able to handle the pressure and the invasive questions. But not Kambua’s husband Jackson Mathu who in Kambua’s words is ‘unbothered and unfazed’ by the questions and criticism.

“One of the things that I’m grateful for is that I met a really strong man and it’s because of him being strong that has helped me even in my ministry and career. That he is not fazed or moved by what people say and for the moments where I have gone through things and felt that ‘okay this has really hurt me’ he has been there to speak life into me and to encourage me. If there is anyone who is not bothered it’s my husband and I am learning, he is teaching me how to do that. How to not care because either way regardless of what you do people will have an opinion it just comes with the territory so yea he is cool.” She said during a Kiss 100 interview.

The ‘Nishikilie’ singer also disclosed that without God, her relationship wouldn’t be a good as it has been for the last 6 years. “I don’t know how people do it without God and I’m not trying to super spiritualize this story but when you think of two people coming from two very different worlds and trying to merge and create one or one new world, honestly it takes God to make it work. 6 years into it so far so good.”


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