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7 Kenyan celebrities who hide their kids’ faces (Photos)

Their children’s faces are always hidden in photos.

Though they have posts where they share their kids’ photos to the world, the faces are usually either deliberately blurred or with an emoji on the face or taken from the back and if the photos are taken from the side the child’s identity is unclear.

Here are some celebrities who hide their kids’ faces on social media:

1. Amina Abdi


Amina Abdi and her husband John Rabar welcomed their firstborn Tumi 4 years ago on June 26. Since then, the two have hidden their son’s face from the public.

2. Brenda Wairimu

For the petite actress, the reason why her daughter Amor is shielded from the public is that she wants her daughter’s identity hidden in case she grows up to be a private person.

In an interview on ‘The Trend,’ Brenda said, “We are a very young family and we do not want to subject our family to scrutiny. I’m very protective of things I hold dear.”

3. Nick Mutuma


The TV hunk recently shared a rare photo taken with his daughter Dua after four months of separation. But just like other photos shared in the past, Dua’s face was hidden from the shot.

4. Jacque Maribe

Although her engagement was very public, her son Zahari is not. The Citizen TV News Anchor has deliberately hidden his face from the public for four years.

5. Mercy Muriithi

The former Tahidi High actress has kept her second born with Bob Muriithi away from the glare of publicity. Though the face of her son with musician Hey-Z is public, Mercy seems to have taken a different route with her second born.


6.  Sharon Munid aka This is Ess

The fashion blogger’s engagement and wedding were quite public but when it comes to her daughter Naila, it's a different story. The vlogger disclosed that although she may share some aspects of her life, her daughter Naila is a no-go zone when it comes to the vlogging camera.

“I am not gonna show Naila anytime soon guys…in fact after this I will show a lot less of Naila….I don’t show or share the most intimate parts of my life.” She explained on her YouTube Channel.

7. Mo Momanyi

Mrs Mwaura and her husband Paul Mwaura have masked the identity of their daughter Kwanza with emojis or shared photos/videos taken from the back or from a distance.


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