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The worrying news doctors gave Wilbroda forcing her to drastically lose weight

Wilbroda is now a Size 10 from a Size 16.

Jacquey’ s slender frame can be attributed to an unflattering picture taken by a friend and some worrying news she received from a doctor.

“I was always okay with my body until a friend posted our picture on social media late last year. I looked at the picture and was not proud of the person I saw. My tummy was hanging and my arms were sagging,” She told Parents’ Magazine.

And apart from the physical appearance, her weight was causing a problem in her well-being as her blood pressure was soaring.


“Incidentally, I fell sick thereafter (after the photo) and when I went for a check-up, it turned out that my blood pressure was high. I had to do something,” Jacque stated.

But she didn’t jump on the gym bandwagon just yet and put it off for a while before finally enrolling in the Colosseum Fitness Center where she not only cut weight though gyming but also clean eating.

In addition to achieving her sylphlike frame, Wilbroda also had another gain, getting rid of another habit, drinking.

The actress disclosed that she used to drink like a fish and you would find her with some alcohol daily. However drinking alcohol was not the only high-risk habit she was engaging in, she used to drink and drive.

“What started out as a weight loss journey ended up as a journey to self-discovery and conscious healthy living. Prior to the lifestyle change, I used to drink every day and to make it worse, I would drink and drive. I thank God for protecting me during those moments of madness.” She confessed.


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