Check out Jaguar’s multi-million house in the village (Photos)

I left my rural home 15 years ago with no shoes - The Starehe MP disclosed.

In a post on social media, Jaguar disclosed that when he was leaving home he didn’t have any shoes, this is because he came from a very poor family.

“I was born into a very poor family and we were the laughing stock of the village. We hardly had two meals a day and attending primary school was a challenge as our feet were jigger-infested. I suffered and I don’t like seeing people going through what I did. Now, I live for others.” Jaguar disclosed to SDE.

In addition, the singer hustled through odd jobs like hawking and fetching water, operating as a konda and some point he even sold drugs to pay for his tuition fees. “Growing up posed so many challenges to me and that forced me to look for alternative means to make ends meet.” He confessed to SDE.

The Starehe MP is now a far cry from the young boy who left the village 15 years ago with no shoes. He recently flaunted a new Range Rover and now we have a look at his posh house in the village where I doubt people are still laughing at him.


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