Gospel singer Bahati found himself in a conundrum after his personal assistant told his wife that he cheats on her whenever he goes out for concerts.

Gossip that has caused a rift between the couple and the rift has played out like a Mexican telenovela for millions to see on their reality show Bahati Reality.

Diana Marua and Bahati in Dubai (Bonfire)
Diana Marua and Bahati in Dubai (Bonfire)

In a bid to solve the issue, Bahati punished his P.A by firing her, an act that greatly pissed off Diana who threatened to hire her after the P.A came crying to her.

As their rift grew wider, Bahati approached his friend Jaguar for help. Jaguar was in the company of Gabu from P-Unit.

 “Pressure mheshimiwa. My P.A has been telling my wife that he sees me with a certain girl at events,” Bahati told Jaguar in Gabu’s presence.

Jaguar then decided to intervene even though he was of the opinion that Bahati married too early. “Wee Gabu huonangi kama huyu alioa mapema?” Jaguar said before calling up Diana.

During his phone call with Diana, Jaguar vouched for Bahati who he described as a good man. He also assured Diana that having a woman come to every event you have doesn't mean that there is something going on.

“Mimi ni rafiki yako wa miaka mingi. Diana unaona kama mimi ni msanii, msichana anaeza kufuata kama fan but inadepend na behavior zako kama chali. Na sio msanii pekee kila mtu ana mtu anayemfuata na ni wewe umake decision kama unamkatia. na Bahati hana hizo tabia. Huyu nio mtu wa Mungu tunaeza msimamia,” Jaguar said.

Diana then hung up before Jaguar had a chance to convince her further, a thing that irritated her husband.

“Hawa ni mabibi was siku hizi! Huyu ni mheshimiwa akikwambia samehea bwana samehea bwana, what’s wrong?” an exasperated Bahati said.

Cheating Scandal

In a recent episode, Ms Marua was in tears after being told that her hubby has been cheating on her whenever he goes out for concerts.

The shocking news on Bahati’s cheating behavior was delivered by his PA Emma Diana, who alleged that there is a certain lady who never misses Bahatai’s concerts and she might be a threat to their marriage.

“Tumekuwa tukienda event, naona ana flirt na mademu. Kwanza kuna huyu particular chick, kila event ako hapo, sijui anajuanga aje mahali concert za Baha hukuwa but mimi humuona hapo frontline kila siku. Hata kama nakwambia I still have fear juu ya job. There is no way huyu demu atakuwa nakuja kila concert Baha ako naakae hapo frontline aje,” says Emma Diana.

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