Celebrated Media Personality Njambi Koikai aka Faya Mama has been suffering from a condition called Endometriosis that makes her lungs to collapse every month she gets her periods.

The former “The Trend” Panelist, took to her social media to share with her followers the progress of her health, after a successful surgery in the USA.

According to the Faya Mama, she added 7kgs and now she is weighing 47kgs, a thing that is counted as positive progress towards her recovery journey.

“Hey fam. taking each step at a time. I've added 7kgs. Wasee I'm now 47kgs. The pain I'm experiencing is from my lung area which had to be reconstructed.” wrote Jahmbi Koikai

She went ahead to reveal that her Endometriosis case was one of the worst her doctor had ever interacted with.

“My doc here says this is one of the worst cases ever. Our God is so able because we survived all that damage and now acing recovery pole pole. My pelvic area is not hurting one bit.  We are beating this and we are declaring God's GREATNESS. The nurses are amazing. I'm in great hands. Naona nikitoka America at 120kgs.God has blessed me each single day and for that i will keep praising His name.” wrote an Excited Jahmbi Koikai.

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In a previous post Ms Koikai had also shared some facts and Statistics of the disease she has been suffering from.

“March is World Endometriosis Awareness Month. Please take time and research on this disease that is affecting 1 in 10 women. It's currently affecting 176 million women worldwide in addition to Africa that doesn't have the statistics. Millions of women are suffering in silence. We certainly need help. The Ministry of Health should fund for more research and do a survery that will help us have the numbers to combat this condition.” Shared Jahmbi Koikai

Ladies hii kitu inaitwa epidural is the devil's agent. The epidural was causing me some serious migraines that some of the strongest painkillers wouldn't stop. Thankfully it was removed yesterday. My pelvic area which is all covered in bandages is not in pain at all. The only pain I'm experiencing is from my lung and diapghragm which had been exposed to loads of scar tissue. We later learnt that no one should ever go beyond 2 lung surgeries, this is after I've had 12. If there's 3rd one, the cardiothoracic surgeon should open it up to ascertain the root cause of the problem. I basically underwent a total reconstruction of my right lung. All i wish for is our country Kenya to have an efficient, passionate and driven healthcare system like this. PLEASE learn about endometriosis. If you have any questions, feel free to DM me and I'll do my best to answer. God bless you all and have a great afternoon.”