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Jane Ngoiri’s son all grown up

The once young baby is now grown

The boy is now one year six months and his mother believes it is time he stops breastfeeding.

The beautiful news presenter took to Instagram to admit how she has always enjoyed Breastfeeding her ‘honeyplum’.

In her Instagram post, the talented anchor is asking her fans to enlighten her on the tricks they used to stop their kids from breastfeeding.


Her caring followers gave a quick feedback. Here are some;

Idzwanjiru: Congrats mami,first,you look great cant wait to see post breastfeeding you.I took my LO to moms for a week. By the time it was over...nyonyo was history.But first,,gradual..awache mchana kabisa..1and6months is ok..coz he will eat better

Shikominhailey: take him to moms for a week...i found it hard to deal with the cries of wanting i packed up n took him home na DM.and it worked.day 1 na 2 atakua fussy but he will get used to it.goodluck mama

Syosh_kateri: Usimwachishe kabisa wacha anyonye akila.. Hata kama ni usiku pekee.... Anaeza kuwa msick God forbid akatae chakula then you'll wish angekua ananyonya

The Television beauty got married to Abdillahi Hussein in a private wedding two years ago.


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