Why I didn’t wear a bra during my wedding - Janet Mbugua

But their private wedding had a few gatecrashers, the internet trolls who criticized her for not having the ‘perpetually perky boobs’ we usually spot her in, having a dress that didn’t fit our expectations of a celebrity while others took shots at her not wearing a bra. Back-handed compliments like ‘We wish you happiness but I wish you would wear a bra’ were common on the internet.

2 years after her wedding Janet Mbugua is opening up about her wedding look that lit up the internet.

“Do you have any regrets that you let people in?” Kalekye Mumo asked her on Talk Central.

To which Janet replied with “I was pregnant nothing else mattered at that time. I was like you wanna plan a wedding, fine, plan it around me. I would hardly attend the meetings because I was a little sick. So it was funny, I think that was my saving grace because I didn’t take it seriously.

I don’t have any regrets, all I know is that I don’t feel too much for it because I wasn’t in the frame of mind, I was pregnant, I was coming out of my first trimester so I was a bit sick. I just wanted to get through and finish so no regrets.”

“Kenyans on social media decided that they would go HAM on you and there are like oh my God what’s up with this dress, oooh she didn’t wear a bra. What’s going on? So first, did you wear a bra?”  Kalekye asked.

“This is probably going to be my most memorable interview. You are really good, I love your questions.” Janet said laughing before explaining why a bra was not really an option with her wedding dress.

“I had those…what do you call them? Cup holders, it’s like there is barely any balance!” She said in between fits of laughter.

But despite the lack of balance, Janet had to soldier on although it helped that she didn’t care much that her breasts were sitting precariously inside the cup holder.

“Again I didn’t care because I was pregnant. Even my hair had to be a certain way because I couldn’t retouch it because you can’t retouch it when you are in the early stages of pregnancy. There were so many things I had to consider around my pregnancy that I was like, ‘I know it looks a bit funny, but it’s all right my child has to be healthy.” Janet revealed.

Janet maintains that the trolling didn’t really get her down because she feels that cyber bullies are just projecting their own insecurities.

“Trolling doesn’t do that much to me because.. I just feel like you are just projecting stuff that you feel about yourself on me. I feel that when you come at me it’s not really about me, I think it’s something you are dealing with.”


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