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Jeff Koinange in trouble after questioning Atwoli on his ‘sexual prowess’ on JKL

It was quite a controversial interview.

The host repeatedly tried to make the COTU boss speak about his sexual prowess on Live TV after asking in a casual manner whether the 69-year-old was still able to handle bedroom matters.

“But she is half your age…Kazi bado unafanya, katiba bado unasoma?” Koinange enquired while laughing and Atwoli admitted that he was still very much in the game by saying “Kazi bado nafanya mbaya sana na katiba lazima nisome.”

But the questioning did not end there and he asked, again and again, forcing the COTU boss to remind him that the questions were inappropriate for the audience at that time. “But we have to keep in mind that so many people are watching and it includes some of my sons, children. But when you come to Kajiado ask me,” Atwoli said with a laugh.


Following the outrage on social media, the Media Council has sent out a letter to Citizen expressing its dissatisfaction with Jeff Koinange’s ‘unethical behaviour’.

In the letter addressed to the Editorial Director at Citizen TV, the council noted that “The host was persistent in discussing explicit adult-related content on TV outside the watershed hours thus contravened  Clause 10 on obscenity taste reporting of the code of conduct for the practice of journalism in Kenya.”

The Media Council  also accused Jeff of invading Atwoli’s privacy “(Jeff) Breached Clause 13 of the code of conduct of the practice of journalism on protection of privacy. The article states that inquiries into an individual’s private life are not acceptable and things concerning a person’s home, family, religion, sexuality, personal life and individuals private affairs should not be allowed.”

In the letter, the council also said that it ‘reserves the right to take disciplinary action against the host of the programme’ and urged Citizen to ‘furnish the council with steps taken to avoid such an occurrence in future’


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