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They told me that I walk like a horse – Jeremy Kiuna opens up about being bullied

Kathy Kiuna’s youngest child Jeremy was born with Cerebral Palsy and recently went under the knife so as to be able to walk.

Jeremy on his graduation (Instagram)

The internet has made the world a global village, it has enabled us to have information at the palm of our hands but it has become a breeding ground for extremely vile people.

Netizens who roam around spewing nasty and hurtful words at those people who are differently-abled.

And one of the people who has experienced the dark side of humanity is Jeremy Kiuna. The son to JCC couple Kathy and Allan Kiuna revealed that he has been on the receiving end of some very horrible comments.


Jeremy who was born with Cerebral Palsy said that he was compared to the centaurs (half-human, half-horse creatures) in the fantasy novels Chronicles of Narnia because of how he walks.

“It gets offensive. Some people would tell me ‘You walk like a horseman, a character from Narnia who is half human half horse’ or ‘You walk like a horse,” Jeremy confessed on Instagram.

Others would say that he doesn’t deserve the love he gets.

“They would be like, oh you are not beautiful, you are very ugly, and you shouldn’t get a lot of followers. You bought all your fans, all the people that love you, you don’t have real fans. So I’m like this is negative now, this is negative life,” he revealed.

The Kiuna’s only son disclosed that God, family and friends have helped him get through the dark times.


“One for the things that played a big role is that I had to depend on God to keep me stable because I almost lost it. Then on top of that, I would call my mum and dad and all my closest friends to help me out,” the budding rapper disclosed.

Linda Nyangweso’s story

Just like Jeremy, Linda has been bullied cruelly online.

The Kiss FM presenter narrated that every time she posts a photo on social media she expects meanness in the comment section.


A few weeks ago, Nyangweso shared a photo taken in a bathing suit while on holiday with her family, a photo that elicited upsetting comments.

In response to the body-shaming Linda wrote, “So apparently fat girls shouldn’t swim in actual swimming costumes but should instead wear tents, mumus, the largest sengenge ni wire t-shirts, but if they’re feeling really sexy, a whale costume to better suit their bodies lol. So to even out my last few posts, and now that leave kweli inaisha, here’s a picture of me in kitenge that doesn’t show anything. Thanks for reminding me of my place, I am ashamed again, and I understand now how the Nairobi cold got your panties all bunched up. #sofatsobrave #wifematerial #dontSendSupportmessages #sendFood.”


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