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‘Jesus’ reveals why he decided to come to Nairobi and why he walks barefoot in the dirty streets

When Daniel Christos hit the streets of Nairobi swathed in a hipster-like outfit, carrying a walking stick and with no shoes many people thought that it was the second coming of Jesus. This is because he looked so much like the Christian Jesus we were accustomed to seeing in movies.

Daniel Christos and Melody on #theTrend

Of course his appearance caused a pandemonium in the city with many people rushing to take selfies, others scampering in fear for they thought that this was indeed the second coming.

But despite bearing a striking example to Jesus, Christos is an atheist who claims he hadn’t heard of Jesus before people started referring to him as such.

Speaking on The Trend, Christos revealed that he does not come from Israel like the Biblical Jesus. He grew up in Australia, went to school and when he started working, he decided that it wasn’t for him so he up and left for a life of travel.


His companion Melody who some have called ’Mary’ grew up in Zimbabwe moved to England when she was 16 to finish school when things started getting heated there. After she finished university, she started travelling and met Christos in Australia.

They travelled together and went on their separate ways only to meet again in Ethiopia where they stayed for 6 months. They left Ethiopia and decided to come to Kenya as one of the countries they wanted to tour.

While most people make travelling internationally such an expensive affair, Christos says that he makes it simple. This is through selling his crafts and making music to make a little bit of money for travelling but mostly they rely on the goodwill of people.

When asked why the doesn’t wear shoes, Christos said that because he doesn’t like shoes as he finds them uncomfortable, plus shoes once damaged his feet. The last time he wore shoes was like 4 years ago but he was forced to wear them again when he hurt his foot and when he wanted to get in a religious house in Greece.

Learn more about Christos and his travelling companion below:


'Jesus' Daniel Christos and Melody #theTrend


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