Nishikilie Hit-maker Joe Jowie Irungu has lost his Instagram account to hackers.

Irungu made the revelation through a short video that was shared by a number of friends, warning Netizens to be wary of any lucrative deals from the account that is now being controlled by hackers.

The singer added that he has setup a new account that will help him interact with his fans and keep his social media presence alive.

Joe Jowie Irungu
Joe Jowie Irungu

Account Hacked

“Praise God, my names are Joe Iringu, unfortunately my IG account was hacked Yesterday and I have been unable to recover it, I will be sharing new account, so whoever will receive a message from the other account, please that is not me, I will be sharing a new account, and don’t forget to like and Nishikilie,” said Joe Iringu.

In this day and age, Social media has become a very lucrative business especially to those with a huge following.

Celebrities are privileged to have millions of followers since people have their noses poked in their lives, wanting to know every move they make and their lifestyle. Big numbers on social media help them get endorsements and advertising, something that generates them lots of money.

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Joe Jowie Irungu and his Wife Ella
Joe Jowie Irungu and his Wife Ella

So when such accounts are hacked, celebrities are usually left in deep losses and mourning.

Recently, Joe has been touring different TV, Radio stations and online media outlets to promote his single “Nishikilie”.

However, following the hacking of his Instagram, and his official Email, Jowie’s song Nishikilie is no longer available on YouTube.

A search for the song gives you a message that reads “Video unavailable

This video is no longer available because the uploader has closed their YouTube account”.

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