Did Joho pee on himself at Migori? Here is the truth

Yesterday, a campaign launch for Suna East MP Junet went off-center after chaos broke out at the Migori Posta Grounds.


The pandemonium allegedly erupted after supporters of Migori Governor Okoth Obado stormed the grounds because the governor felt slighted that the ODM officials had invited Governor Joho to his yard without involving him.

Joho on the other hand felt that the Migori maelstrom was an assassination attempt.

" This was an assassination attempt. I was the target, look at my vehicle, it will demonstrate to you what happened in Migori today. ” he griped to journalists.

Also caught up in the chaos was Senator Anyang’ Nyong’o  who rushed for cover under the tables in a ridiculous pose that will certainly set off a number of memes to last us for the rest of the year.

But perhaps the most ridiculous story that erupted from the Migori melee was that Joho peed on himself. Schadenfreude (pleasure derived from the trouble of others) was at an all-time high as photos of Joho’s peed pants surfaced online. And people really went all out with some even claiming him 'Susultan' and  ‘Susumila’ a play on him allegedly susu-ing on himself.

But as much as the story of a governor peeing himself is juicy gossip, Joho did not pee on himself but it was just a photo picked from the internet to make him look like he peed on himself.

As a reverse image search revealed:


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