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Why Jokate Mwegelo’s father missed her swearing-in ceremony

Jokate was recently appointed as the Kisarawe District Commissioner.

This is because he was bedridden after suffering a stroke in 2013 as her mum revealed. “Jokate’s father got a stroke. And he has been ailing for a long time, since 2013,” Mama Jokate disclosed to Millard Ayo TV.

Proud parents

She also revealed that they are very proud of their daughter following her huge achievement.


“For sure Jokate’s father and I are proud of her achievement. Her father is unwell, he is asleep but I have been able to make it as her mum. When we received the good news, we thanked God first and thanked Magufuli as he noticed Jokate’s efforts. Jokate has been a source of joy to the family. Since she started school, she has been very passionate about working with people and caring for the community.”

Jokate’s mum also told the people of Kisarawe that they are in good hands as Jokate is not only hardworking but also ready to serve.


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