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Jose Chameleone warned against vying for a political office

"Stay away from Politics"

Jose Chameloene and Bobi Wine

Veteran Ugandan singer Jose Chamelone has been warned to stay away from Politics, months after declaring interest in Kampala Lord Mayor’s seat.

The Vice- Chairman of National Resistance Movement (Eastern Region) Michael Mukula, has asked the Valu Valu hit maker to go slow on politics or else it will destroy his musical career.

He termed Chameleone’s move as suicidal, stating that politics demands a lot and if he is not careful all his riches will be watered down.


Financial base

Makula who is a renowned tycoon at one time served as Uganda’s Health Minister.

 “You risk eroding your financial base, politics can destroy you. My advice to my good friend Chameleone is go slow on politics it will erode your entertainment career. Don’t say I didn’t advise you, take or leave it, experience has taught me,” said NRM’s Michael Mukula.

Makula's advice comes months after the Leone Island boss declared interest in becoming the next mayor of Kampala come 2021.

In April 2019, Chameleone explained that he had no plans to vie for any political seat, but the people of Kampala had been piling pressure on him to take over the city leadership.


Chameleone's take

"I have been a leader all my life and it won’t be a challenge for me to lead the people of Kampala as their Lord Mayor. I have all it takes to become Kampala mayor in the next general elections and put him Kampala city to its standards. I didn’t have this idea, but it started from the people of Kampala themselves especially the boda boda riders who keep asking me to stand. They say I am the right person for the position. I want to make my contribution the same way Bobi Wine has made his contribution” said Chameleone.

However, his political ambitions has also not been received well by his father Gerald Mayanja who said he doesn’t endorse the move.


“I don’t support it all. Why should Joseph join politics? He has his business running well. Why join politics? When a child reaches the age of consent, as parents, we may not decide for them. However, all we do is offer guidance. In fact, he does not have my blessings to pursue a political career”, said Mzee Mayanja.


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