Jowie Irungu defends self in viral video with Joe Muchiri days after revealing he quit alcohol

I stopped drinking and its not like I had trouble managing it- Jowie

File Image of Joe Muchiri and Jowie Irungu and a friend.

Nishikilie hit-maker Joseph Irungu popularly known as Joe Jowie has been forced to defend himself over viral video with Joe Muchiri who was smoking a Vape pen.

In his statement, Jowie stated that he is not a position to judge his friends just because they still drink Alcohol or smoke, yet he has separated himself from that kind of life.

“Whether my fan is an alcoholic or a smoker. I will respect his choice of living but I won’t judge upon his life or character. He or she is living their lives. Stop judging and cut the Cord.

Let whomever is themselves be them, I will take a photo with you but I won’t have what you are having” explained Jowie Irungu.

I stopped Taking Alcohol

This comes days after Jowie, disclosed that he stopped taking alcohol, a sign of his changed lifestyle given that he was known for his hard-partying lifestyle about a year ago before his arrest.

"I stopped drinking and its not like I had trouble managing it, I just made a choice. Now I only take redbull, water, and energy drinks." Jowie told Jalang'o.

Asked on whether his troubles were as a result of his drinking habit, the newly launched singer said his problems were caused by people and not by alcohol.

"Drinking and partying did not cause me problems, people did. Drinking is not a bad thing and its even in the bible. Only God can judge. I decided to hold down so I can focus and have peace," said Jowie

Jowie added that he had since gotten saved and explained that he was hoping to use his music to minister the word of God.

"I was raised in a prayerful family and we used to go to church. I have decided to come back. I'm not doing music to be in the gospel music industry. I want to minister the word of God," he added.


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