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12 times Joy Kendi proved that she was saucier than most (Photos)

Joy Kendi is quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with in the fashion blogging world thanks to her edgy-yet-well-groomed look , uber-stylish outfits and also due to the fact that she is also incredibly humble and seriously funny.

Joy Kendi in a ruched white pencil skirt and tank top

Looking at her you wouldn’t expect her to be funny but if you follow her on Snapchat, Instagram or even You Tube, I’m sure you have had a few laughs courtesy of her.

When it comes to style, Joy Kendi is very eclectic and she doesn’t like chasing trends and just likes dressing in accordance to what looks best on her. In a recent blog post on justjoykendi, Kendi states that “I’ve come to terms with the fact that’s I am not a ‘trends’ type of girl. When I find something that works for this here body, dammit I am sticking with it no matter what. For me and my body, body cons work well.”

But despite the fact that she enjoys her body-cons, Joy Kendi is able to literally rock many looks really well. Whether she is in leather or suede or in a midriff-baring top or even a plunging neckline and a flow-y jumpsuit, Joy Kendi rocks them all.

Today we look at those times Joy Kendi was the sauciest of them all. Click on the gallery below for that African sauce:


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