Joyce Omondi and Waihiga Mwaura share unknown details about their marriage

The Mwauras speak out.

The Waihigas (Instagram)

When Waihiga Mwaura and Joyce Omondi announced their wedding in 2015, the news came as a shock to many Kenyans as people didn’t know that they were even dating.

And as it turns out, it’s not only Kenyans that were in the dark about the relationship, even their colleagues.

The couple revealed this in a candid interview where they shared unknown details about their relationship including how they met and how they keep their love alive.

“We decided to be very private about our relationship from the beginning. Many people (including our colleagues) did not know that we were dating until we got married. That is why this is the first and only interview we shall do in a very long time,” the Mwauras revealed to Salon Magazine.

The couple revealed that they met in 2012 on a Sunday morning when Joyce Omondi was leaving the set of her Rauka show. A few months after they met, Waihiga invited Joyce to his birthday but she didn’t make it. When her birthday came around Joyce invited Waihiga who came to the party and after that, they embarked on a relationship.

Now that they were dating and were both in the limelight, they got serious about protecting their love by keeping their relationship private from the very beginning.

“We keep to ourselves and rarely post about each other apart from special occasions. Anything precious is best kept hidden and that has been our policy,” The Mwauras divulged.

On how they keep their relationship growing, the couple disclosed that they work on simple things like ‘putting each other first, spending quality time together, being quick to say sorry, appreciating one another and allowing each other to be vulnerable about their feelings and anxieties.’

God is also an important pillar in their relationship, “It’s by Grace that we have come this far. He knows us best and we know that he brought us together for a reason.”


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