Julie Gichuru on her exit from the media and career growth 12 years later

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Julie Gichuru on her exit from the media and career growth 12 years later

Media personality, Julie Gichuru has opened up on her exit from the mainstream media and how her career has thrived after the departure.

Ms Julie took to Instagram to reveal that in 2008, she worked for a Media house whose vision was to be a ‘media of Africa for Africa', but despite working hard and pushing for the agenda, it became clear to her that the vision did not apply to most of the leaders there.

The mother of five went ahead to disclose that her journey in the exploration of African economies, society, leadership and governance began when she was invited to attend a World economic forum on Africa.

12 years ago I worked for a media house that had the vision to be 'a media of Africa for Africa'. I embraced & pushed this agenda but it became clear it was not key for most of the leadership. However, Managing Editor Wangethi Mwangi noticed and asked me to attend a World Economic Forum on Africa meeting as he couldn't make it. I was elated! Sadly, the invite was not transferable, but I was not giving up! I emailed the Forum and sent them my profile asking if I could attend on his behalf. The answer was affirmative. And so my exploration of African economies, society, leadership and governance began.” said Ms Julie.

Ms Gichuru further added that her nomination in the Africa Leadership Initiative/Aspen Global Leadership Network propelled her journey into a deeper understanding of herself, the society as well as Africa.

“In 2008, I received a call from Ali Mufuruki in Tanzania, he said he was moved and impressed by my passionate advocacy for peace and non-violent action following the elections. He was nominating me as a Fellow of the Africa Leadership Initiative/Aspen Global Leadership Network. This heralded my active journey into a deeper understanding of self, society, global geo-politics and Africa.”added Julie.

The beauty went on to reveal that as she started her new journey, she had only traveled to two countries but through her work, she has now traveled to many countries learning and discovering more about Africa.

“At this point I had only travelled to South Africa and Tanzania within Africa, but I had a great thirst to know, understand, and immerse myself in the whole continent. Fast forward to 2019, and moderating a fireside chat with Baba Olusegun Obasanjo (as we call him) he started answering my first question with this statement, "Julie, you know as much about Africa as I do...", for our African elder to say this, I was humbled beyond measure. In just over a decade I have been on an incredible journey of learning, engagement and discovery. I have travelled across the continent, from the North to the South, the West to the East, and I have been humbled by what I did not know, even as I learnt more about this great, diverse, energetic, challenging and incredible continent, Africa.”

She said that she wanted to make a difference in Africa and encouraged people to start wherever they were because someday they would get where they wanted to.

“I am an afro-optimist. I am humbled at the opportunities to engage, and I recognise the responsibility that comes with this. I am challenged to make a positive difference in and for Africa - the continent of my birth, my home, where my heart is, Mama Africa ♥️♥️♥️ Start your journey. Whatever that might be. Claim it. Grasp it. Don't stop. If you start, you will get somewhere. #Start #NeverStop #NoLimitssaid Julie.


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