Trouble in paradise? Actress deletes all photos of Iceberg Slim from her IG page

Since noticing the change, fans have thrown this question at each other, finding it hard to believe that the couple might be over.

The question on every fans mind now is, have the loved-up pair split for good?

Since noticing the change, fans have thrown this question at each other, finding it hard to believe that the couple, we imagined would be the next best celebrity couple Nigeria has seen, are over.

This comes as no surprise as the pair has been all over each other since they made their relationship public last year.

This was also evident when Juliet and Slim came into our studios for their interview.

So the next question that has begun to haunt is, what went wrong?

Stay with us as the story develops.

Recall when Juliet Ibrahim warned Iceberg Slim against breaking her heart?

Juliet Ibrahim says that Ghanaians are ready to deal with her boyfriend and rapper, Iceberg Slim if he breaks her heart.

She revealed this while granting an interview to a Ghanaian radio station, Joy FM.

“Ghanaians are listening, the whole country is behind me. If you mess up…if you mess up Iceberg Slim…I see the comments from my Ghanaian fans like ‘if you try it, if you mess Juliet up, we will deal with you," the actress warned.

The couple also revealed how they met and fell in love during a trip to South Africa.

This is coming a few days after the celebrity couple shared a deep kiss on a live television programme, dropping the hints that these guys are going to be here for a long time.

"I give him a reason to smile....#MyRideOrDie #BonnieandClyde".

Recall a lot of people were of the perception that Iceberg Slim was exploiting Juliet Ibrahim. While in an interview with Vanguard Nigeria on September 16, 2017, Iceberg Slim was asked if he was using the Nollywood actress' fame to rise to stardom, he unequivocally denied it saying;

"Rumour has it? I’ve never heard such, and besides, there will always be rumors when you’re in any form of spotlight. I’d never exploit anyone, for any type of gain. That would be extremely selfish and immoral. Such behavior goes against my code of ethics."

The relationship between Juliet Ibrahim and Iceberg Slim has been on the lips of everyone, especially since they have become so public about their affairs. We hope and believe this is one relationship that will pass the test of time.


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