7 times Juma Jux looked like a snack (Photos)

These are Juma Jux’s most fashionable moments.

Apart from his timeless music, there is another thing that stands out with Juma and that is his enviable sense of fashion.

Jux is not just fashionable but also has a refined and fearless personal style. He doesn’t shy away from extravagant colours, he mixes vintage-inspired with on-trend ensembles and rocks high-end and street wear for a truly stand-out look.

He is also unique in the way he dresses and very few artists can say that they are as fashionable as Jux. And probably that is why he caught the attention of one Huddah Monroe who broke tradition and slid into his DMs.

Speaking of Jux’s style on EATV Huddah said that Jux’s style was soo impressive that she, the queen of receiving DMs slid into his DM. “Sijawahi kumtumia mwanamume message like ‘hey’, ila siku moja nilikuwa na scroll kwenye Internet nikamtumia message ‘Your style is on another level’. Anything he wears just looks good. Na mimi napenda watu wasio na style ya kawaida, I like someone who tries, usivae kama society inavyotaka kukuona that’s what makes you unique. His style is dope.”

Though it’s difficult to narrow down Jux’s looks, today we look at 7 times Juma looked like a snack, scratch that. 7 times he looked like a gourmet meal.

To start us off is Jux in this tux. You know what they say about a man in a perfectly tailored suit...

2. In this flashy jacket topped with a matching marigold beret. He constantly pushes his looks into territories where men fear to tread like wearing bright colours.

3. Juma looking nautical and nice.

4. In a tee and cap from his ‘African Boy’ collection.

5. When he took a break from jersey and khaki bomber jackets for something with a vintage feeling, this luxe velvet bomber jacket.

6. Very few people can strap a bag to their chest and look this cool. I think its for a selected few, people like Jux and A$AP Rocky.

7. Nothing screams class quite like a simple ensemble with a touch of luxury as Juma demonstrated with jeans and a tee which he accessorised with sunglasses, jewellery and a Louis Vuitton messenger bag.


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