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Lupita’s brother responds to claims that Anyang’ Nyongo’s children are stressing him with ‘gay’ lifestyle

Junior Nyongo’ had this to say.

Junior Nyong’o inset Lupita Nyong’o and Janelle Monae (Courtesy)

The Nyong’o children became a topic of conversation after Lupita was spotted cosying up to the beautiful Janelle Monae.

In pictures and videos doing rounds online, the two are seen dancing closely and whispering into each other’s ears, setting off rumours that a romance is brewing between them.

Lupitas public display of affection plus photos of her brother Junior in a thong led to claims that the Nyong’o kids were stressing their dad with their ‘gay’ lifestyle.


“Kisumu Governor Anyang’ Nyong’o son is a woman & his daughter a man! What! a........Bizzarre! So wameamua tu kumaliza mzae kabisa n cancer is knocking enyewe money at times is shitty I’d rather die than live to see my kids emulating that Western f*cking culture,” wrote one @jamrick_m.

In response, Junior wrote “You didn’t even have the COURAGE to @ me. At least I live my life with the self-love and confidence you'd only dream about. Simply hate to see it.”

In another post, someone sought to find out what his sexual orientation was.

“ @JuniorNyongo just to put things clear for me with no intention of offending you..are you gay? A cross-dresser?transexual? Semenya-like?or just a man fascinated by female wear?” read a question from @jackrobinz.


And Junior replied with “I'm a proud Luopean”

Junior in a dress

Aside from posing in a thong in a photo shoot dubbed What If Adam was Eve? Nyong’o offended the delicate sensibilities of reserved Kenyans by stepping out in a dress.

This was at a Blanket and Wines event in 2018. An outfit that made a fan ask him, “Bro. What’s up with the dress?”


“Uko na shida?” Nyong’o retorted.

“Nah bro just wanted to know the thought process behind it,” read the reply.

In the rejoinder, Nyong’o said that there was no thought process he just liked the dress.

“There is no thought process my G, if a piece of clothing looks good it looks good…Liberate your souls my beloved,” wrote Nyong’o.


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