Top News anchor conned in Nairobi

The news anchor lost 2 expensive vehicles

In a social media post, Wafula narrated how he traded his old car, Toyota Axio, with a man identified as Collins Bootsy Muraya in a bid to acquire a VW Jetta, which had piqued his interest.

However, one year after this transaction the journalist’s new ride was impounded by flying squad officers.

A baffled Wafula wondered what could have gone wrong yet he had paid all the money to Muraya, who acted as an intermediary between him and the original owner of the black VW.

He added that upon probing, the owner of the VW Jetta revealed that he had already sold the vehicle to his lawyer friend after Muraya went missing.

“Traded in my Toyota Axio for a VW Jetta at a Car Bazaar on Ngong Rd owned by this guy here Collins Bootsy Muraya and instead he did not remit the money to the Original Jetta owner.

“The owner in turn claims that’s after Collins vanished he sold the car to his Lawyer who had eyed it and the two managed to change its ownership; all this while I was in possession of the car,” he said.

The K24 news anchor further divulged that he has been left without a car since the VW was taken in for investigations while his Toyota Axio was already taken by the alleged conman.

In the post, Ian went ahead to caution Kenyans to be careful when it comes to such transactions.

“Thousands of innocent buyers fall in the hands of such individuals, especially we young people; don’t to caught up in excitement while purchasing an asset be keen to check the Car history with KRA before checking with NTSA’s portal which I have since learnt is highly temperable. As it stands I might have just lost two cars in essence. Stay Woke,” he noted.


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