Kabogo trolled for mourning celebrity who is still alive


Kabogo trolled for mourning celebrity who is still alive

Former Kiambu Governor William Kabogo has been trolled for mourning a celebrity who is still alive.

The bashing began when the former Governor sent out a tweet with the picture of RnB legend James Ingram who has passed on, but captioned it with the name of American Record producer Quincy Jones.

I mourn Quincy Jones. May his soul Rest In Peace,” read Kabogo’s tweet.

Ingram died at the age of 66.

Here are their reactions;

@onlyaterics Wacha ushamba, it's James Ingram!

@kihethujob Fact shouldn't embarrass you.uliza kama hujui

@jchieftain I don't know what El chapo gave you last night; but clearly you've woke up with a bad hangover, we lost James Ingram, not Quincy Jones.

@Karey_mwari I think someone isn’t the one feeling well this last 2 days

@gatukirubi And there we have it folks....we have our very own Steve Harvey

@danielimburu1This ain't Quincy Jones. Please wacha umbea usio na mwelekeo wowote.....

@Gaddafess Haiiiiiii, umekunywa kitu asubuhi hii???

@EvaMayaka Quincy jones is still alive

@fredsambu Go easy on @honkabogo . Error is to human. Good to know he is a big fan of mogul Quincy one of the best music composer and producers of our time.

@Charlesesrom Please stick to wãngãri wã kãbêrã,kãîrêtû gã sêvênî n the likes.......

@SSulisuli Mheshimiwa I am sure you meant Kamaru. The names are as confusing as the appearance of their faces.

@Vanda19124568 I have just told Quincy that you are mourning him

@Quinn_gemini Ghai hire me to run your account. Pros of hiring me 1.I won't make typos 2. I won't tweet inaccurate info. Eg. Killing a person that is still alive. Please consider me.

@alood484 Eiiish boss whatever yo addicted to FIGHT it, Huyu si quincy jones nawe!!

@DaudiMuya1Woioooooiye Ati not all herbs are healthy Iko tofauti ya managu na weed!!¡

@Ziloopi phew... We now know you are human not super Human.. but well this is gross...

@gakuria ....kwani gov 001 alikupa nini? Imekufanya zombie?

@kinyanjuiG Hehe...woi gafana..infrontinfrontiness...

He has since deleted the tweet and replaced with another that reads, "I mourn James Ingram. May his soul Rest In Peace. A legend he will always be."


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