Former K24 Presenter Kalekye Mumo has for the first time disclosed how her mother warned her against dating men from the Luo tribe.

Speaking on the Wicked Edition, Kalekye who was addressing the issue of stereotypes alongside comedian Henry Desagu said that her mother also warned her against dating men from Western Kenya.

According to the former Kiss 100 presenter, the mum said that Luos and people from Western Kenya were different and she could not understand them, as reasons as to why she could not date or marry them.

My mum warned me against dating Luo men – Kalekye Mumo

My mum told me once…oh God she’s gonna kill me… she told me usiwahi leta mjaka, mtu wa western kwa hii nyumba, afadhali uolewe na muindi, Muindi like where does that come from, why? Akasema just what she knows of those people, you don’t understand them, what they speak they are different you can’t. So nikashangaa hii ni nini, so in the back of my head as much as I’ll meet someone I’ll be starting to ask them where they are from because that thing was put in my head from when I was a young person. So unagrow ukifikiria hivo na ukimuuliza sana anakuambia hivo ndio grandmother wake alimuambia and it was a big deal,” she said.

Kalekye Mumo stated that she then grew up knowing that she could not date people from certain tribes, which according to her should not be the case.

My mum warned me against dating Luo men – Kalekye Mumo

Leaving K24

Her words come a few months after she left the Mediamax owned TV station where she worked as Talk Central show host.

Kalekye said that she wanted to start her own show that would capitalize on social media.

She added that this was prompted by the fact that Kenyans wanted to connect more with her and on a personal level, based on her social media posts.