NRG presenter Kamene Goro speaks on getting married

She has been dumped twice in 2 years!

NRG's Radio host Kamene Goro

NRG Radio breakfast show presenter Kamene Goro has for the first time spoken on settling down with another man.

Speaking in an interview on Up Close with Betty, Kamene Goro said that getting married was not a priority for her and it is not even part of the things she plans to achieve in life.

She went on to say however, that if marriage comes her way it will be just fine.

You know the way you have your goals and KPIs. Marriage is not one of my goals and KPIs. If it happens great. Though it’s not something I can say I’m actively working towards,” said the sassy presenter.

The former TV news anchor also said that having children was in the same position as getting married, adding that she was more focused on creating a sustainable future for herself the people that will come into her life.

It’s the same thing with marriage it’s not something I’m aspiring to, if it happens it happens, fantastic. If it doesn’t yet again fantastic. I think my goals right now I’m more about creating a sustainable future for myself and whoever might come into my life be it children or a husband,” she added.

Kamene Goro talked on how she was dumped via a WhatsApp call by her ex-husband a few days to their wedding day.

The former Ebru TV news anchor narrated that her ex who was twice her age called her from South Africa to tell her that things were not working between them, despite having had their pre-wedding in Arusha, Tanzania.

The man was twice my age and I was 25 he then called me on WhatsApp and told me that it was not working out between us. The humiliation was that he called me on WhatsApp, a free calling service,” said Kamene in a past interview.


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