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Kamene Goro - I have slept with 27 Men (Video)

Kamene works with NRG Radio as a presenter

Kamene who was participating in a Whisky Challenge with his Co-host Andrew Kibe and singer Prezzo disclosed that her "body count" currently stands at 27.

“Let’s not judge me. My body counts stands at 27 as we speak” said Kamene Goro.


During their conversation, Kamene added that she lost her virginity at the age of 19 but late on in their relationship her boyfriends assaulted her.

“The first man I fell in love with, my first boyfriend, the guy I gave my virginity assaulted me. Huyo msee alinivunja. He beat me up he even pulled a gun on me” said Kamene Goro.



Their relationship ended prematurely days to her wedding and she was dumped over the phone without a good reason.

“I didn’t understand and I asked why, but he kept saying he’ll come to Nairobi to talk through it, and he never came. that day I remember I called DJ hypnotic because he was there when I was proposed to, he was part of the guys who put the surprise together with my ex. I called him and I told him he’d broken up with me. afterwards, I called him and asked if he was sure of what he was saying because once you close this door I can’t guarantee you it will ever open again and he said, yes" said Kamene Goro in a past interview.

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