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Lulu Hassan reveals little known details about her friendship with Kanze Dena

Lulu Hassan opens up about hers and Kanze Dena's friendship.

The two women have been anchoring news together for years so it would only seem natural that their on-screen chemistry would blossom off camera as well.

As Lulu Hassan put it in a series of Instagram posts, their friendship “was more accidental than intentional”.

Brought together by their passion for journalism, the two quickly became as thick as thieves and bonded beyond the professional atmosphere – so much so that Kanze would even fast during Ramadan in support of Lulu.


“During Ramadhan you would fast with me na tufunguwe pamoja just when we are about to read our weekend bulletin still puzzles many. Mine is a celebration of our friendship, urafiki wa dhati, the kind that is far beyond good chemistry on air,” Lulu reminisced.

How it all began

Before joining Royal Media Services, Lulu and Kanze were on the brink of being poached from their respective companies but something did not feel right with the deal so they decided to let it go.

“I remember when we were all being poached from our respective companies to join another which was offering some lofty amount, we were enticed to say the least but BOOM! In your typical kind of way, you said ‘’mamaa don’t sign let me go pray for this letter and by morning I will tell you the way forward” and true to your words you dropped the bomb shell ‘MUNGU AMEKATAA LULU’ ...And slowly we went back to our respective companies back in 2013.”


Despite the failed poaching attempt though, there was still a silver lining to it.

“And truly God works in mysterious ways. A few days later, I would receive a call from my mentor and boss Farida Karoney “Wewe Lulu uko wapi? Hii ni story gani nasikia unaenda? Tukutane hapo Nairobi West. And the next minute I’m with you as a colleague; news that you did not believe until you saw me at Maalim Juma Road.

Their on-screen chemistry was clearly undeniable as even the Managing Director at Royal Media Services, Wachira Waruru picked up on it and thus the dynamic duo was born.

Friendship blossoms


From wearing the same outfits on air (unplanned) to concerns about the seemingly trivial – to other people – uncertainties of the length of Kanze’s outfits, the two can easily be described as more like sisters than friends.

“I remember us having a hard time since we use the same tailor so obviously we would have dresses that were of the same shade and we would end up being matchy matchy and stuff and bosses were not so comfortable with it. What people did not know is that at no point would we decide what color to spot...etc but whatever we would carry from home would end up being matchy matchy; our makeup artists can attest to this. I celebrate you in so many ways. I will always remember how cautious you were about the length of your dress. How you would change many times over so that you had the right length on.. “dadaa hii sitaki inanionyesha magoti... dadaa hii imenishika sana.. dadaa hii nguo leo itabidi tumwambie director tukae kwa viti” That is Kanze for you.”

“She is the person who would go to great lengths to make sure that whenever am not well she is always there for me A case in point is when I gave birth to my second born who is 4years now she would do the daily visits.You would bring your cousin Zakia Nzai and leave her with me for a while and you would come back and pick her up ..all this was just to make sure that I was well attended to that’s sisterhood!”

"We kept this news all under wraps for some time because our WHAT NEXT was haunting us as days passed by and yesterday it just dawned on me that woooahh this thing is real ...after working together for about 5 years and a few months ...I say thank you God for you know what we have been through and how our past looked like.”


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