Kanze Denna makes Insta-comeback reminiscing on her good old days at KBC (Photo)

Dena made her last Instagram post on May, 13, 2018

State House Spokesperson Kanze Dena

State House Spokesperson Kanze Dena Mararo has made a comeback on Instagram, reminiscing her good old days at Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC).

Over the weekend, Kanze who has been inactive on Instagram for the past two years, put up a TBT photo accompanied with a well written post on how KBC will forever remain in her heart for shaping the person she is today.

Ms Dena’s four-pointer post, highlighted the struggles and the good times she enjoyed while working for the State broadcaster. In the TBT photo, Dena was posing next to Terryanne Chebet and Citizen TV producer Monica Kiragu.

Kanze Dena’s post

Ma Ngai! Is a true #tbt Good old days at KBC aka BH. That place will forever be in our hearts. It was the sowing grounding of all our dreams and more..made us who we have become...NOSTALGIC! So many memories flooded my mind when I saw this picture..few stand out.. stories for our children and grandchildren

1. CANTEEN MEETINGS ..where dreams were voiced(ofcourse with abit of mushene of the day) @chriskirwa even managing to convince us to be models for SAMANTHA BRIDAL MAGAZINE..😂 great experience

2. KIINI MACHO/CHARITYSWEEPSTAKE... programmes that began our TV production/journey..pushing us to come up with the first ever VALENTINE PRODUCTION to be aires at KBC..thanks to the then production Manager the late Mr. Murema and team of producers who pushed us to the EDGE!..

3. BIRTHDAY MESSAGES. These messages gave us so much pride aki!. The entire production process of the messages and finally seeing the production on air every weekend was soo satisfying.. i can still hear the lyrics playing in my mind..

4. TURNUP...🤣🤣🤣... sips tea......Thanks ladies for wonderful memories!” shared Kanze Dena.

Classic TBT

The classic TBT elicited sweet memories from people she worked with at KBC; the likes of Chris Kirwa and Monica Kiragu. Dena made her last Instagram post on May, 13, 2018.


chriskirwa😀😀😀 - God is True for real - BH ( KBC) was just Harvard for our current experience”

chriskirwa“I posted my story of how I used to go hungry for days no food - would stay in the canteen giving people nice stories and once in a while someone bought me a cup of tea - I put like 6 spoons of sugar coz that was the only meal in days . That time u r popular huko nje na hauna any 🙆🏼‍♂️🙆🏼‍♂️ God is true”

monicakiragu ‘Good old days, we enjoyed every minute. Sweet sweet memories ❤️❤️❤️ @kanze_dena @terryannechebet

shixkapienga “Enyewe mmetoka mbali 😂😂”

ojiamboainea “Hio canteen ilikuwa stress kama voucher za pink hazijajatoka unless tafiki anunue chai njaa all the way 🤣”

mariam.ibrahim.167 “You look awesome.. you are missed @kanze_dena much love😍”

calvomistari “Started from the bottom now we here 🙌🏾”

ssangalaTerryanne chebet looks exactly like her daughter in this picture”


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