Roysambu househelp beats woman black and blue

A woman was beaten senseless by a daring househelp in Roysambu in a vicious catfight that was caught on camera.


A video shared on social media by Tabloid Africa shows a woman being beating up a maid whom she had a quarrel with.

The genesis of their squabble is not known but the video shows one of the women insulting the other as she called her a mere maid who earn only 3000 shillings per month.

“Wacha ushamba, unaearn 3000 per month, unajua mimi nalipwa ngapi?” Translation: Stop being primitive. You only earn 3000 shillings a month. Do you know how much I get paid” The motormouth shouted at the maid.

Unable to stomach the insults, the raged househelp pounced on the woman before unleashing a barrage of slaps and kicks.

Neighbors who were witnessing the drama quickly intervened to save the besieged woman from the maid’s unceasing assault.

But interestingly, the motormouth kept on spewing venom from her poisonous mouth as soon she was separated from the househelp.

The neighbors who were trying to stop the fight got tired of her and decided to allow the maid to teach her a lesson.

Watch the drama in the video below:


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