Nimewahi lala njaa – Kamene Goro on financial struggles

Even as early as two weeks ago, I was broke!

Nimewahi lala njaa – Kamene Goro on financial struggles

Kiss 100 presenter Kamene Goro has opened up on her financial struggles amid the hard-economic times in the country.

In an interview on the wicked edition with Dr King’ori, the media personality noted that she too had money problems adding that at one point in her life, she slept hungry.

We umewahi sota” asked Dr Kingori. “All the time” responded Kamene.

Miss Kamene said that everyone was struggling even those who had stable jobs. The Radio presenter went ahead to add that house rent was one of the things that made her hustle hard because sometimes the salary she got could not align with her rent.

“The struggle is real out here, kulala njaa sisi wote tumelala njaa. I myself as Kamene nimelala njaa. Kukukosa wala hata ndururu kwa mfuko it has happened. Kufikiria mahali rent itatoka labda niseme sijalala nje but thinking of where rent needs to come from is something that happens. We hudhani mi huhustle mbona? I’m hustling because I have rent I need to pay na sijui mahali itatoka. Rent na mshande kama haziingiani ukikaa chini unpaiga hesabu na hesabu haziingiani with what you have. It happens. Kamene amepitia mara mob. Even as early as two weeks ago, I was broke!” said Kamene.

Have some respect!

This comes a few days after Kamene addressed allegations of sleeping with her co-host Andrew Kibe afterYouTuber Edgar Obare claimed that he had been sent messages by his followers who claimed to have seen them getting intimate in a car.

The humanity is gone everything has become about social media and the likes and personally I just want to live in a world where I’m just human. Just Michelle Kamene Goro who wakes up in the morning comes and does my job best way I know how and go home,” she said.


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