Safaricom temporarily blocks Kenya Police Service

Is everything ok?

“ We are unable to interact with you as we are blocked. Cc: ,” read a tweet from the Kenya Police Service.

The reason as to why Safaricom blocked the Police Service still remains unclear.

However, at the time of publishing this story, the mobile company had already unblocked the Kenya Police Service.

Reactions from Kenyans on twitter;

@LindahMbaisi you know it's going down when you block the police.

@StormBrian13 The guy handling this twitter handle of @PoliceKE must be a comedian comedian tupatane churchill show @MwalimChurchill on Sunday

@YangErico They tried to ask for bribe and they got blocked

@WabuchaGithinji why did they block you? They could be hiding something. Break in to their twitter just as you break into robbers houses.

@Gichy_ But seriously @Safaricom_Care Why would you block a national police account??

@BKiruja@SafaricomPLC@Safaricom_Care are you being serious? Why would you block a Police account from viewing your tweets? They can see from their personal accounts either way. Pls get serious.

@ItsBravin Now another Den of Looters has been found. SAFARICOM wamenaswa

@254nerd this is a hilarious convo. I'm waiting for @Safaricom_Care to respond or to unblock. @bobcollymore is it your policy not to interact with @PoliceKE? But maybe they need to get @verified


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