Government warns comedians Eric Omondi and Mammito after controversial act

Here comes Trouble!

Government warns comedians Eric Omondi and Mammito after controversial act

Comedians Eric Omondi and Churchill show’s Mammito have been warned by the Government after they shot a video with Kenya Scouts Association (KSA) uniform.

In a statement, KSA Chief Commissioner Victor Radido said that Eric, Mammito and Mc Antonio who are seen wearing the uniform showed high misuse of the scout uniform, which taints the reputation of the organization.

Radido pointed out that the comedians’ actions painted the association as an armed militia organization, and wearing the uniform without a scarf was an act of indiscipline.

Our attention has been drawn to the photo above of renowned Kenyan comedians in Scout Uniform. While the Association encourages and promotes arts and creativity, the use of sacred Scout gear such as badges and Uniform is highly protected and must not be used inappropriately,” read the statement in part.


The Scouts Association called on the three comedians to apologize and pull down any pictures or videos they uploaded online, adding that the uniform is protected by law just like those of disciplined forces, and misuse attracts disciplinary actions.

In view of the above, we call upon the pictured artists (Eric Omondi, Mammito and one more), who are great young leaders and role models in our country, and also in the interest of their brothers, sisters and fans, to apologize (Online) and pull down the images and related footages, and not to reuse them thereafter (Effective 22nd November 2019). The Association remains open to collaborate with them, and others, so as to effectively leverage on their passion, talent and great following to promote Scouting and good values in pour communities,” said Radido.


Scout Uniform

Eric Omondi, Mammito and Mc Antonio rocked the Scout Uniform as they recorded a skit that showed how the Mau Mau Freedom Fighters fought, which was uploaded a day before Mashujaa Day (October 19).

The three were in possession of toy guns fighting their opponents in a forest.

Eric Omondi speaks

Pulse Live reached out to Eric Omondi who stated that the video's intention was to celebrate Kenya's real heroes (Mashujaa) and to remind them of where they had come from, in a comical way.

He also pointed out that he does not understand how KSA came to that conclusion, because they only celebrated in their uniform.

"Intention ya hio clip ilikuwa simple unaona venye watu wanasema Mashujaa day sisi hucelebrate our athletes, our mothers. The real intention was to celebrate the real shujaas. So, ilikuwa tu kukumbusha Wakenya tumetoka wapi na nini ilihappen, Mau Mau walipitia nini but in a comical way so that you also celebrate. Tucheke, tukumbuke and we celebrate. How that connects sielewi but it’s a very positive thing for everyone, me, the nation and even the scouts. We only celebrated with their uniform," said Eric Omondi.


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