Passaris, Mercy Masika & 6 other Kenyan celebrities that have been blasted for ‘indecent’ dressing (Photos)


Passaris (Courtesy)

While many Hollywood celebrities usually push the boundaries of fashion with leotards, thigh-high slits and mesh, back home something as simple as thigh-high slit will have people clutching their pearls in outrage.

Here are some celebrities who have kicked up a storm with what fans called ‘indecent dressing’.

1.Kirigo Ng'arua

While celebrating her besties birthday in a luxury country home in Laikipia, Kirigo wore a sequined tassel dress that was in line with the Great Gatsby themed birthday weekend.

 A dress that had one of her fans asking her to ‘dress decently’.

In response, Kirigo said that she can’t be bothered by such comments and that she has beautiful legs which have to be flaunted once in a while.

“Some human commented somewhere that I should “dress decently”... Not sure what that means and to be honest I can’t be bothered...Also, I have beautiful legs so I have to show them off once in a while, add this lovely dress from @siristudio and life is complete at this moment,” Read Ngarua’s response.


Modest fashion model Pesh had to profusely apologize after her swimming costume photos landed her in trouble with a section of her fans and sect members.

Pesh, who became a nationwide sensation due to her beauty recently shared some photos in one of the most conservative swimming costumes ever but people felt that her mode of dressing did not represent the values of a good ‘Akorino’ lady.

Following the drama the seemingly harmless photos caused, she has been forced to apologize. In a statement seen by Pulse Live, Pesh said “I would like to apologize to anyone who might have been offended by any images posted on my social media pages. I believe that people can express themselves in very many ways and still have their morals intact. The images shared were innocent but the conversation that arose from them DON'T match with what I stand for as a young Akorino lady. Thanks for your support and I wish you all a lovely week.”

3.Corazon Kwamboka

Many are used to seeing titillating photos of Corazon Kwamboka but a recent photo of Miss Kwamboka’s backside had people losing their marbles. Some claimed that it was just too much while others said that her photo was an embarrassment to her parents.

In a rebuttal, Corazon said that the only reason people are screaming about her photo is that she is endowed. “Had this been a skinny person they wouldn’t be shouting here, next time I’ll wear a potato sack to the beach. I was gonna delete it but I think I’ll let it stay to piss them off.”

In response to claims that her risqué photo is an embarrassment to her parents, she said that parents shouldn’t be affected by such a photo unless they are perverts who sexualise their children.

“The way they say don’t wear a short dress in front of your dad. Why would it be a problem if your dad is not a pervert? Your parents shouldn’t sexualise you. To them, you are either a daughter or a son whether you are in buibui or naked,” commented Corazon.


A few months ago, Akothee wore a leotard for her performance at Paparemo Beach in Watamu.

An outfit that many claimed was ‘indecent’ while others called her a bad role model because of the combination of the leotard and provocative dance moves.

Responding to the backlash, Akothee wrote, “I am dumping that name role model, my a**! Let every parent be a role model to their own children,” she shouted in a video as she puffed on a cigarette, sipped her wine and twerked without a care in the world.


Nairobi Women Rep Esther Passaris kicked up a social media storm once again after a photo of her taken 3 years ago at the Miss World launch resurfaced. In the photo, she is seen wearing a see-through Donna Karan dress that exposes her thighs.

Following the storm on social media, the mother of two said that she was sent to the world without clothes and she would not be ashamed of her beauty.

She went on to say that people who have sinned were the only ones seeing her naked but born again people see a perfect being.

“God sent me into the world without clothes who am I to be ashamed of my perfect being? Those with sin see my nakedness. Those redeemed by the blood of Our Saviours Jesus Christ see a beautiful child of God made perfect in His image. #NakedSoul #UnconditionalLove #IAmHisChild,” read her tweet.

When the photo first hit the interwebs 3 years ago, Passaris claimed that it was photo shopped.

“I go out of network for a few hours and all hell breaks loose. Are we so idle? Is bashing each other or others a profession? Anyway, it’s strange to be quoted when I have not given nor do I intend to give any comments on photoshopped images from the Miss World Launch I attended last week,” read her earlier statement.

6.Sophia Wanuna

In 2013, Robert Ali Slammed Sophia Wanuna for interviewing a Muslim cleric while donning an ‘improper’ outfit.

“Why didn't Sophia Wanuna of KTN just host this show naked? Presenters need to be sensitive to the feelings and faiths of their guests,” wrote Alai in indignation.

7.Mercy Masika

Mwema singer Mercy found herself in the middle of a spiritual debate for wearing what fans viewed as tight trousers.

The Bible thumpers argued that as a Gospel singer she should dress modestly.

8.Tanasha Donna

Fans recently tried to check Tanasha over her mode of dressing by calling it ‘indecent dressing’, Tanasha was swift with the clap back and made it clear that she is not changing to impress people.

“I will never stop being who I am to impress other people ever. I am more the swaggish tomboyish, 90s retro type of girl. Swag is me. I am a 90s baby. 23 fam. I’ll wear the occasional dress to dinner or a big event/red carpet or when I am feeling girly and that my dear people will not change. You’ll know Kenyan girls don’t change who they’re to impress others. The way I was before is the same way I will always be. Flower dresses will never be me. Sorry not sorry, mtazoea tu,” read Tanasha’s post.


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