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Teacher Wanjiku lands new job after getting fired from Citizen

After one year of entertaining Kenyans and at the peak of her career, Teacher Wanjiku left Churchill Show, a move critics called ‘career suicide’.

Teacher Wanjiku

Word on the street was that Teacher Wanjiku had fallen out with Churchill but she revealed that their contract was up and it was time for her to fly out of the nest and find her own thing and also work on other projects with Churchill away from the 'Churchill Show.'

She later showed us that she had one up her sleeve as she debuted a new show on Citizen TV at the same time Ugandan female comedian Anne Kansiime debuted her show. Unfortunately, her show was canned after one episode as the big Kahunas at Citizen claimed it didn’t perform as expected. But despite the failure of her first solo show, Teacher Wanjiku remains unafraid and is now launching a new comedy show that will shake up the industry.

Girls are also funny is the new show she is launching that seeks to inject new blood to Kenyan stand-up comedy which is a male-dominated industry. The show will be making its debut at the Kenya National theatre and will be broadcast live on NTV and will be on Facebook live to increase the reach.

The new show aims to help ladies have their foot in comedy an industry which has not been very friendly to women as women are generally considered not funny. Teacher Wanjiku aims to break this stereotype by proving that ladies are as 'haha' worthy as the men.


I don't know about you, but I cant wait to tune in come 28 April.


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