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Kenyan transforms BMW X6 into stretch limo [Photo&Video]

Check out some of the most unusual limos in Kenya such as Isuzu Trooper, Landcruiser VX, Nissan Sunny, Chrysler and Range Rover.

Kenyan transforms BMW X6 into a stretch limo

Nairobi roads have become a canvas that motor vehicle enthusiasts and mechanics are using to showcase their nice wheels and expertise.

Just days after a Ferrari 458 was spotted in Nairobi, the newest wonder comes in the form of a BMW X6 stretch limousine that was seen cruising along the Thika Superhighway.

BMW X6 was a successful experiment for the manufacturer the company decided to create one of the first SUV coupes in the world and now a Kenyan decided to take that experiment further.


Soon after a video of the BMW stretch limo was shared on Twitter over the weekend Kenyans did not withhold their thoughts about it.

While a section of netizens praised the mechanic behind its transformation, others questioned the structural integrity of the modified vehicle.

Just a week before, another car, a Toyota Mark II stretch limo was spotted, showing that Kenyans are very creative people.

The heavy investment in modifying the vehicles shows a niche in Kenya’s VIP transport industry which has been served by high-end luxury cars.


One of the first cars to be transformed into a stretch limo was a Nissan Sunny B14 by John Wathanga, a former lecturer.

I was curious about things electronic in my childhood, but I found elegant limos irresistible. I realised that it costs an arm and a leg to import a limo. The lack of an assembly line locally made me venture into this business,” he said during a past interview with the Standard.

Since then, different car models have been turned into limos including a Toyota Landcruiser VX, Chrustler 300, Range Rover Sport and Isuzu Trooper.


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