Kama hujui German we ni chokora – Kenyans make fun of Ngirita’s remarks

Machokoraa hoyeeeee!

Kama hujui German we ni chokora – Kenyans make fun of Ngirita’s remarks

Kenyans On Twitter (KOT) came out to make fun of Phylis Ngirita’s remarks after she claimed that her son who is in Class Seven was once fluent in German, but now has been reduced to a ‘chokora’ (street kid), and can only speak in Kikuyu, Swahili or English.

“Miaka mbili tumeteseka. Mtoto aliacha shule, anaelekea kuwa chokora… Wamekataa kabisa kufungua hiyo account. So mtoto ata hawezi ongea Kijerumani, anaongea Kikuyu na Kiswahili ama Kizungu,” said Phyllis as she broke down into tears outside the courtroom.

She said this as she was complaining about her family’s frozen bank accounts. Ms Phyllis further stated that she had been forced to use matatus since her seized car was rotting at Naivasha Police station.

Netizens were shocked by her statement and couldn't understand how not speaking German made her son become a chokora.

KOT were surprised that Ms Phyllis insinuated that the rest of the people who spoke English, Swahili or Kikuyu were chokoras. They alleged that the frustrated mother made it look like speaking those languages was shameful, instead of being proud of that.

Here are some of the comments;

@DominicAruya From this, I realize Kenya is blessed with chokora kibao

@james_baragu Am a chokoraaaaa I can’t speak German

@OkumuAntony1 I speak Luo and English so l don't qualify to a chokora

@Jakasipul1 Hahahaha Mimi ni chokora nikiwa Hapa Kiambu

@Aibnatu Do your children speak German? No? They might be chokoras

@NyAKeRaRiOne1 Not my cup of tea, but who said speaking swahili or english is for chokoras? I mean how can u even assume that speaking German is more prestigious than English, the language of the world? How many countries in the world speak German?

@SimDan7 How do you say good morning in German please, I have to know atleast thay one before nikue chokora

@FrankMtetezi If you can't speak any other language apart from your Mother Tongue Swahili and English you are a chokoraa automatically , this Kenya dawns with its own , how are you chokoraas?

@fmulembani Just here thinking.. with all my fluent swahili , mufti married to sanifu and somebody implies am a chokora ???

@geraldngaopk Maybe she heard that President Uhuru Kenyatta was in Germany and she wanted her son to be appointed the ambassador all my classmates are Chokoraa. #ngiritas

@DennisMuange Mtoto amekuwa chokora coz he cant speak German. Definition according to thdeNgita's. Need for a court ya maskini!


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