KOT comes to Jowie’s defense after Babu Owino was released on 10M Cash bail

The poor and the rich deserve justice!

Jowie Irungu claimed to work at State House – Jacque Maribe's househelp, Pamela Kemo, testifies

Kenyans on Twitter (KOT) have come out to defend Joseph Irungu popularly known as Jowie after Embakasi East MP Babu Owino was released on sh 10m cash Bail for the attempted Murder of DJ Evolve.

Netizens took to twitter to condemn the release of Babu Owino, stating that the viral video was enough proof that the Embakasi East MP shot the DJ yet Jowie was still in Prison and no evidence had been linked to him.

KOT demanded to know why politicians who had been linked to murder like Okoth Obado, Aisha Jumwa, were free yet Jowie had been denied Bail. The judiciary was put again on the spotlight for not serving justice to Kenyans making the prison for poor people whom money couldn't talk for them.

Netizens blamed corruption for the injustices saying that poor people had no rights in this country. They called Justice Maraga to fix the Judiciary and make it work for everyone.

Here are some of the comments;

@OdhiaGeorge Obado out Babu out Jowie in Welcome to Kenya where justice is served and reserved for the rich.

@jamesorenge97 Justice is what we want in Kenya for both the rich and poor @dkmaraga kindly talk to your boys also jowie needs to be released on bond like the way your boys did on this killer

@kiokomarvyn Babu out on bail,Obado out on bail,Sarah Cohen out on bail,nyakundi out on bail paul chesang out But poor #jowie and #kinuthia ndani.this is Kenya where your guilty until proven rich.justice is only server to the richest bidder.🙄

@JournBenjamin Jowie was accused of murdering One late Monica Kimani, no one saw him commit the offense but Babu who was caught on Camera shooting someone is now out on bond while Jowie is languishing in prison... Is our judicial system fair?

@kip_hil Free jowie. He was only suspected, babu did the shooting, judiciary must be corrupt!!

@MtuPombe Jowie was poor reason he is still in prison Look at the rich kina Obado n Babu Corruption is real

@itsWachiuriS A message to the @dkmaraga @DCI_Kenya

, Let Jowie rot in jail for shooting we did not see but someone whom we all saw shooting another person is freely roaming the streets but justice in Kenya is decided by either who you know or how much you can give. #ReleaseJowie #BabuOwino


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