Kenyans react to Joe Jowi's first gospel song ‘Nishikilie’ (Video)

Jowie has featured his daughter in the Nishikilie video

Joe Jowie Irungu

Joseph Jowie Irungu the prime suspect in the murder case of Monica Kimani has ventured into music months after being released on Bond, dropping his first gospel song dubbed Nishikilie.

The new song that was uploaded on YouTube on Wednesday, has been accorded a massive reception by Kenyans, many lauding Jowie for turning to God in whatever he has been going through.

Within 20 hours of being released, Nishikilie which was produced by Safri Records had already garnered over 28K views and over 523 comments.

“Here's #JOWIE IRUNGU'S ' first song produced by #SAFRIRECORDS. Kindly receive him with love and accord him real support. Watch his song #NISHIKILIE, Like, Subscribe, leave a Comment and Share. God bless you!!! Kindly stream NISHIKILIE,” reads

Despite dropping a gospel song Jowie says that he is not joining the Gospel Industry but he will be in the Ministry.

Going through the comments left under Jowie’s social media pages and YouTube channel, it’s evident that Kenyans have received the song on a positive note.

Nishikile is an encouragement and thanks giving song meant to uplift those going through a difficult time and in the video Jowie has featured his daughter.


Veronica lumbasi “Nishikilie- Psalms 31:14-15 Nishikilie is for us who are broken, us the vulnerable people! Nishikilie is for us who need God more than anything else! Nishikilie is for us who know its only God who can come through at this point of our life! Nishikie is for us who are tired of people's criticisms and opinions! I need God's grace in my life, i need God's protection, its only God who can sort me out for sure. May God use this song to heal and change the world. May God be with you Jowie. This is a deep song!!”

trizah kibe “The character of God amazes me everytime.... His ways are just not our ways.... Nishike bwana.. I can't do it without grace.”

Brian aluso “ It doesn't matter how hard you fall what only matters is how you get up. You have just started!”

Sharon Godfrey “I pray that unlike many kenyan gospel artists, jowie will not give in to pressures of fame and money which brings about pride and hence departing from the ways of the lord”

Joy Njau “For a righteous man falls seven times and rises bt a wicked man stumbles in bad times...May God's grace br sufficient upon ur life....”

Nishikilie Video

Grace Grace “He is God of second chances, sure, His thoughts are not our thoughts,ooh my God you never ceaze to amaze me”

Esther Nduku Kenya “This song reminds me of where am coming from....a deep pit of destruction but God rescued me with so much love and compassion, He clothed me with his grace, took away my shame and today am sharing my story to impact lives. What was meant to destroy me was a blessing in disguise. God's plans are not our plans. Jowie, this is your fresh start, a new beginning..may God guide you”

Susan GithiomiAll have sinned and fallen short of God's Glory buy God is a loving and merciful God..God of a million chances. this song speaks volume to my heart..God bless you Jowie”

Samuel Mbegwa “The song will transform many, like David he was a sinner but when he fell back to the feets of God and he asked for forgiveness God was so merciful to forgive, we all sinners, and we've all fallen short of God's Glory, Kudos Jowi”

Joseph Kinyua “Just when you feel everything is against you and you cannot stand by yourself ...remember that there is a God in heaven who loves you so much that he gave up his son just for you.....nishikilie! "Mwamba Ni salama" .....thank you for this awesome song! God bless you!”

REVIVAL Ke “This one has brought me to tears knowing exactly what Jowi has been THRU. Indeed Jesus you are Faithful…”

Elizabeth OyoyoAll the best Jowi. I literally can not dare judge you, I am not clean either. I keep falling and standing up. One thing I know for sure is that, its safer being on the Lords side”

Mary JonNothing important in this world than having a good relationship with God He know how to put someone down and how to liftup the fallen the beginning of something is not important what matter most is your ending jowie God has good thought toward your future just go for what you are calling for...serve Him like never before and He will reward you greatly”


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