Kenyans react to viral video of Atwoli tossing away phone during live interview

Can you even?!

Kenyans react to viral video of Atwoli tossing away phone during live interview

COTU Secretary General Francis Atwoli surprised viewers on Wednesday night after he decided to throw away his phone, in the middle of a live interview.

In the viral video, Atwoli received a call as the interview continued and when the host Jeff Koinange asked if he was switching off the phone, he tossed it away as Jeff remained speechless.

He went on to say that before phones came, people did not have problems.

Because before we didn’t have telephones we had no problem,” said the COTU boss as he laughed.

His action aroused mixed reactions from people who were following the show, some making fun of him while others explained how and why it was okay for him to throw his phone, however he wanted.

Atwoli had graced the Citizen TV’s JKLive where he discussed among other things employment, the economy and politics.


Here are some of the reactions;

phidelia_mutunga He just has lotssss of money to spare just incase !😀 I can’t dare do that !😂 nobody can convince me that it can’t break easily advanced or not advanced

officialdebruce 😭😭😭😭 Imenipea stress tupu

ernest_diha Brother Atwoli 😂😂😂 - Ata hatujaskia uchungu

aringo_200 And that is how iPhone made Atwoli a wanted man....😂😂😂

salhasash_ This is so stupid its not even a joke anyway this guys pocket thousands get a chance to do stupid things like this to stay relevant yet kuna problems everywhere in this country ....please lets stop supporting this stupid shit we are the ones suffering not them

h.eryne I can't try that with my huwawei y9...lanes priss nitakuwa mteja😂🤣

beyond.mitchelle Atarudi kuokota ama ni ya mbibi wa tatu?🤣😂😂😂

baibefay Na hii Huawei yangu iki slip tuu kidogo kwa mkono nduru natoa weee😂🙌

counsel_jack And thats how Atwoli was used to advertise this iPhone 11 Pro Max hehe... It was just a show to let u know even if it drops so hard haziwezi vunjika. Let's get the strap people👍🙌

van_de_locht Actually nothing is expensive as long as someone can afford it. The phone ain't even that good..


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